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Godanaw Rehabilitation Integrated Project (GRIP)
PO Box 1581, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Woreda 21, Kebele 11/12, Kirkos Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Two of the many guest book people of Godanaw

Gerard Hounkponou
Marketing & Outreach Activity Officer, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa:
"This is wonderland within wonders! Such a lesson for those who really believe that there is always somebody for somebody on the planet. We hope that those angels will get more support and opportunities to blossom in their future life.
A round of applause for Ato MULATU and his committed team! Keep it up!"

Yeraswork Admasse
Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, Addis Ababa University:
"As I was coming to Godanaw, I was expecting an ordinary visit of an NGO (non-governmental organization). What I saw and witnessed was how much effective work can be performed through good will of a few dedicated individuals. This visit has helped me to free myself from the doubts I had about NGOs that deal with street children. The organization Godanaw focuses on the urban sector, and the activities it performs and the way they are executed are all based on lessons learnt from its own experience. For this reason its efforts have been successful. This project is an example of success and one that other aid organizations can learn from. I wish Godanaw a bright future and the best of luck for a speedy growth."

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